Themusicboxman collects music boxes and musical toys (only with manual music mechanisms) from roughly 1945-1990, with an emphasis on Japanese music boxes, but also from many other Asian (excluding mostly China), European and American countries.

We hope that this collection on the Web will function as a kind of Virtual Museum (however incomplete) to show the many ways music boxes and musical toys were made in that period. The aim is to give a broad view of all kind of music boxes produced in the period 1945-1990, and leaving it to others, as there are, to collect only certain sub-collections in depth.

The Collection, as of May 2019, consists of:

5923 items, divided as:
  – 4935  Music Boxes ( approx. 15%  Christmas )
 –    598   Musical Toys
 –    328  Music Boxes For Sale
 –      62   Musical Toys For Sale
spread over 268 Sub-Collections.

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