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Bols Ballerina Gold Liqueur Red Dress Dancer #3

This item has a double on/off stopper. First there is in the bottom a small pin, pull out for music to be able to start, if pushed in no music will play. Also there is another small pin, with a small ball at the end. If you lift the bottle, even with the other on/off switch pulled out, no music will play, but when you put the bottle down, music will play (reverse of many other similar constructions, where item will play only when you lift it).
'Bottle and Unit Made in France'. Gold Liqueur 'Produce of Holland'.


Kept For:

Item # A 052 016
Origin/Country Bottler and Unit made in France. Produce of Holland.
Labels/Text Item Bols Ballerina Bottle Model Depose Brevete(under foot).See Description
Year Given x
Material Item Glass, with enclosure holding music mech in plastic in bottom
Manufacturer Item Bols
Music Mechanism by Reuge Ste Croix Switzerland (all metal mech.)
Number of Teeth 19 (one inactive). Cylinder number: ' 4 9 6 '
Music/Song Le Bleu Danube (label)
Dim in " l x w x h 4.5 x 4.5 x 9.25
Box No Information on Box x Est. Origin x Est. Year/Period Sixties Music Mechanism housed in Bottom Distributor x On/Off Switch Double mechanism. Pull pen out.Music will play when bottle is down. Activate Music Key, metal, in bottom Weight in Lbs 1.65 (bottle empty) Moving Parts Girl dances when music plays. On Foot/Pedestal No Remarks on Condition Fair for age.Top separated from cork; label mostly readable. Misc. Information The numberes i, 2 and 3 differ in top/lid, being empty or full,, labels different and #3 has different on/off switch system.

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