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Advent Tree with Plastic Tree with Lights Angel Bear Gifts



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Item # A 014 002
Origin/Country x
Labels/Text Item x
Year Given x
Material Item Wood, plastic drawers and tree, stoneware for figures.
Manufacturer Item x
Music Mechanism by x
Number of Teeth x
Music/Song We wish you a Merry Christmas
Dim in " l x w x h 7.0 x 7.0 x 17.0
Box No Information on Box x. Est. Origin China (same pedestal with drawers as a 141 001, but different colors and design). Est Year/Period x Music Mechanism housed in Top pedestal Distributor x On/Off Switch No for music box, yes for lights (see Misc. Information) Activate Music Key, metal, in side (do NOT try to wind by turning tree) Weight in Lbs 2.0 Moving Parts Tree rotates on pedestal with music. On foot/Pedestal Yes, box with 24 drawers Remarks on Condition Good, BUT only 11, out of 24, ornaments; ornaments same type as A 014 001. Misc Information The blue plastic box hanging in tree contains the 2 (like watch) batteries and have an on/off switch (not tried whether it works).

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