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Drummer in Christmas Clothing with Dog ( No Switch, Foot )



Kept For:

Item # A 163 020
Origin/Country x
Labels/Text Item x
Year Given x
Material Item Porcelain
Manufacturer Item x
Music Mechanism by x
Number of Teeth x
Music/Song x
Dim in " l x w x h 4.5 x 4.0 x 7.75
Box No Information on Box x Est Origin x Est Year/Period x Music Mechanism housed in Bottom Distributor x On/Off Switch No, see Misc. Information. Activate Music Turn foot clockwise. Weight in Lbs 1.0 Moving Parts Rotates on foot with music. On Foot/Pedestal Yes, plastic. Remarks on Condition Fair, some spots, blue lines top base original? (could not be cleaned off). Misc. Information See A 163 008. Same figurine, drumsticks here complete, but NO on/off switch and opening for switch is closed (porcelain, thus originaL). 008 has key in bottom, this one on foot. This a cheaper or later copy from A 163 008?

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