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Dog Little Snoopy 693 and 20034

Dog numbered 693 is made of a wood body with paper cover and plastic wheels. It has a wooden shoe attached to line under mouth and presume it to be original. Made in USA.
Dog numbered 20034 is all plastic with paper cover. Made in Mexico.
Otherwise they are identical.


Kept For:

Item # B 021 006 (2 x)
Origin/Country USA and Mexico resp.
Labels/Text Item An Original-Fisher Price Toy Little Snoopy
Year Given 1965 (both)
Material Item Wood with plastic wheels resp all plastic
Manufacturer Item Fisher-Price
Music Mechanism by x
Number of Teeth x
Music/Song x
Dim in " l x w x h 5.0 x 10.0 x 3.0 (each)
Box No Information on Box x Est. Origin x Est Year/Period x Music Mechanism housed in Inside Distributor x On/Off Switch No Activate Music Pull dog(s) forward and it makes a squeeking noise. Weight in Lbs 0.5 each Moving Parts Wheels roll when pulled On Foot/Pedestal No Remarks on Condition Good Misc. Information x

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