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Mattel Clown

The two boxes are in design and labelling and dating completely alike, but one is made in the U.S.A. and the other in Mexico. The USA one works normally, music plays when handle is turned and lid opens after a time, while the Mexican one does NOT work at all, no music or opening of the lid.


Kept For:

Item # B 030 006 (2 x)
Origin/Country 1 x USA and 1 x Meico
Labels/Text Item Mattel Inc 1976 (1 x USA and 1x Mexico) Jack in the Music Box
Year Given 1976 (2 x)
Material Item Plastic and cloth+plastic for clown
Manufacturer Item Mattel Inc.
Music Mechanism by x
Number of Teeth x
Music/Song x
Dim in " l x w x h 6.0 x 5.25 x 11.5 (figure out of box) each
Box No Information on Box x Est. Origin x Est. Year/Period x Music Mechanism housed in Side top Distributor x On/Off Switch No Activate Music Handle, metal with plastic end. Weight in Lbs 0.9 each Moving Parts Jack -in -the -Box USA works, not Mexico. Turn wheel and clown pops out of box at some time. On Foot/Pedestal No Remarks on Condition USA good, Mexico minor. Misc. Information x

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