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Shelcore Elephant with Eight Bars

To produce a sound/tune press the (piano-like) white plastic keys in front and the metal sound plates are hit by a mallet on the bottom of the plate.
See also B 027 004 an identical looking item made in China but not from the same injection mould, as there are differences in most respects on close examination (bar on handgrip, different trunk elephant, different hole on top, measurements, etc).


Kept For:

Item # B 027 005
Origin/Country USA
Labels/Text Item Shelcore, Inc. All rights reserved.
Year Given 1991
Material Item Plastic with metal bars
Manufacturer Item x
Music Mechanism by See Description
Number of Teeth x
Music/Song x
Dim in " l x w x h 11.75 x 8.0 x 2.5
Box No Information on Box x Est. Origin x Est. Year/Period x Music Mechanism housed in See Description Distributor x On/Off Switch No Activate Music See Description Weight in Lbs 1.2 Moving Parts See Description On Foot/Pedestal No Remarks on Condition Good Misc. Information x

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