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Mrs Lucky Irish Leprachaun Decanter Stone

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Item has a strip label ' Stamp Tax Distilled Spirits " from the '; U.S. Internal Revenue '.
Inside bottom decanter a ' X ' imprinted.


Kept For:

Item # D 004 017
Origin/Country Japan (container made in Japan, label)
Labels/Text Item Hoffman Distilling, Co. (imprinted)
Year Given 1974
Material Item Porcelain
Manufacturer Item Hoffman Distilling, Co.
Music Mechanism by Sankyo Japan (metal mech. with plastic parts)
Number of Teeth 20, cylinder marked ' W I '.
Music/Song x
Dim in " l x w x h 3.75 x 3.75 x 12.5
Box No Information on Box x Est. Origin x Est. Year/Period x Music Mechanism housed in Bottom Distributor x On/Off Switch Yes, metal, in back Activate Music Key, metal, in bottom Weight in Lbs 2.25 Moving Parts No On Foot/Pedestal No Remarks on Condition Good, BUT lower part cork broken off. Hat unstable on head, store seperatedly. Misc. Information x

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