Dear Readers,

After a long delay because of the Corona time, themusicboxman now has the necessary 2 vaccination shots and hopes that normal life can be restarted, also for you.

The number of visitors to our web site has fallen in this time, may be because of the Corona troubles, people have other things to worry about, or may be also because the older generation that still had memories of music boxes, is diminishing.

Last year we still had approx. 10.000 visitors out of 98 countries. The top 4 are all English-speaking countries, US, UK, Canada and Australia in that order.

On the other hand we see more interest coming from non-English countries as e.g. China. But we also had visitors from countries as Kosovo, Ukraine, Nepal, Turkmenistan, Venezuela, Brazil, Iran, Qatar, Lesotho and Nigeria to name a few. To all those newcomers we say thank you and hope our virtual museum is of interest to you.

Thanks to another collector/seller trying to match Reuge cylinder numbers to tunes, we can extend our lists of Reuge numbers by approx. 30 tunes and that will be reflected in our Tunes pages shortly.

We have over the past few months extended our sub-collections to make it easier to access with the following titles:

  • Weather Houses
  • Pigs
  • Wine Glasses Musical
  • Solar Powered Music Boxes

New solar powered music boxes are coming to the market, but that is outside the scope of this Collection; older solar powered music boxes are hard to get.

And last but not least. We have SECURE status for our web site (https) since last year so that you can access the web site without worries.

Our best regards to you,