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Please use our email address * to contact us, which is the only way to communicate, as:

1] we believe that emailing is the most flexible and easiest way of contact, forcing either party to be concise and to the point in communicating, without interrupting daily routines
2] and in order to protect the privacy of themusicboxman.

  • Should this email account not open for you (likely because ‘mail to ‘ not set), please use your own email account to mail to themusicboxman@themusicboxman. com.

Email is checked several times a day under normal circumstances and we will endeavour to reply timely to general queries. As a matter of principle and practicality, we will NOT allow a visit to view or approach in any way the collections of music boxes and/or musical toys. This site is our effort to still make the objects available to the public, but as a “virtual museum”, existing only in cyberspace.

We are located in the Tampa Bay Area in Florida, USA (FL 33707) and our web provider is GoDaddy. Our website designer is RDesign of St Petersburg, Florida, USA.

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