Dear Readers,

After a long period of inactivity welcome to all readers.

All TUNE LISTS have been updated by October, 2023!!!

Themusicboxman has decided that further extension of the Collection does not really add more to the knowledge of the market for music boxes and musical toys in the period 1945-1990 than the present one already does. Except some additions that really are of interest, now rare, further additions are not contemplated. The Collections with over 6000 items is more or less the final form.

Also, musical toys in this form of keyed music mechanisms, were already starting to disappear from the market in the seventies (replaced by battery ones), now almost 50 years ago. And the main market for music boxes was in the eighties, now almost 40 years ago. The generation that bought these boxes and toys is dying out and less items are becoming available.

Also, general interest in these music boxes is becoming less. We can see that in lesser interest for our web site.

Although there is still worldwide interest, even from unexpected countries, interest in English speaking countries is diminishing.

This makes our Collections even more exceptional.

In time nobody will be able to collect this number of items in that range of sub-collections that was always our idea of collecting a broad range of boxes and toys that represent the many ways these were produced in that period we cover.

Please enjoy.




Dear Readers,

After a long delay because of the Corona time, themusicboxman now has the necessary 2 vaccination shots and hopes that normal life can be restarted, also for you.

The number of visitors to our web site has fallen in this time, may be because of the Corona troubles, people have other things to worry about, or may be also because the older generation that still had memories of music boxes, is diminishing.

Last year we still had approx. 10.000 visitors out of 98 countries. The top 4 are all English-speaking countries, US, UK, Canada and Australia in that order.

On the other hand we see more interest coming from non-English countries as e.g. China. But we also had visitors from countries as Kosovo, Ukraine, Nepal, Turkmenistan, Venezuela, Brazil, Iran, Qatar, Lesotho and Nigeria to name a few. To all those newcomers we say thank you and hope our virtual museum is of interest to you.

Thanks to another collector/seller trying to match Reuge cylinder numbers to tunes, we can extend our lists of Reuge numbers by approx. 30 tunes and that will be reflected in our Tunes pages shortly.

We have over the past few months extended our sub-collections to make it easier to access with the following titles:

  • Weather Houses
  • Pigs
  • Wine Glasses Musical
  • Solar Powered Music Boxes

New solar powered music boxes are coming to the market, but that is outside the scope of this Collection; older solar powered music boxes are hard to get.

And last but not least. We have SECURE status for our web site (https) since last year so that you can access the web site without worries.

Our best regards to you,



Greetings to all our readers from all over the world.

We have visitors to our site of well over 100 countries in all continents, including peaceful and war torn countries.

We really appreciate your attention and thank you for your interest.

The composition of our sub-collections is ever changing.

If we feel that there are enough items to warrant a sub-collection we will do so, as our visitors may be finding items of interest easier that way. Preferably we like to have a minimum of 5 music boxes/ musical toys per sub-collection, but sometimes go as low as 3, the absolute minimum, if we feel that it makes it easier to find a subject.

We have recently added the following (new) sub-collections:

  • Otagiri Birds 206 (16x). This has come together from the many birds
  • sub collections we have. Otagiri, long gone since the eighties, is still
  • admired for the outstanding quality of the music boxes, exclusively
  • from Japan (that is till the ill-fated takeover by Enesco ) and is still
  • very collectable.

Hippopotamuses 207 (3x). Animals are always popular and the more specific we can be, the better for you.

Elvis Presley Musicals (5x). Still a very popular figure.

Weather Homes Musical (6x). After a new purchase it turned out that there were more weather homes tucked in sub-collections as Swiss Chalets and Wooden Musicals. Now all in one place.

Earlier we made new sub-collections for Door Chimes 203 (3x), Gorham Unieboek Gnomes (4x), from The Netherlands and Fragrance Related Musicals (8x).

Also, we took out all the Sold items from our For Sale collections.

The original idea to keep them in, was to give you an idea what was selling. But there were too many now and it made checking out the For Sale items too complicated.. What you now see in For Sale Collections is indeed for sale.

The form of the Collection therefore is always a work in progress.

Best wishes to all,


BLOG February/March 2019

Dear Readers,

Up till now it was possible to see in Music Boxes For Sale and Musical Toys For Sale all items listed over time, including the Sold items. The idea was that it gave readers looking for an item to buy an idea what was out there and what had been acquired by others.

But slowly the system becomes unworkable by the sheer amount of items sold and in popular categories as Animals Other (than Birds/Bird Cages) it is by now difficult to see what is still available and what has been sold, leading to errors.

Therefore over the next few days I will move the sold (and lost) items out of the Sale collections and maintain them as a database for myself, but will not publish them. That will unclutter the For Sale line-up and hopefully makes it easier for readers, looking for an item or items of interest, to check the listings.

As always we maintain a low price level for all items for sale, compared to prices you may find an eBay or Etsy. In general prices for boxes that have there labels (even if partly) are higher than for unlabelled boxes, as they will be original and give you a better idea of origin, often tunes and quality. Boxes identified as Otagiri, Schmid, Mann, Gorham, Lefton, Berman & Anderson, ANRI will always fetch a small premium because of their much better than average quality, while Price, Anart, Artmark and others generally are of good quality also. We only ship via USPO and payment is via PayPal only.

As we keep our prices low we charge a quite small packaging charge to cover cardboard box and material to protect the item(s) during shipping. The final price is selling price of the item + shipping charges + packaging cost. To get a quote for an all-inclusive price, please email your ZIP code (or whatever it is named in Canada) together with the items you are interested in. Because of shipping charges we mainly ship to continental U.S.A. and Canada, Only if you are interested in 5/6 items or more, would it be worthwhile to check all- in prices to other countries. For Canada and other countries we need to fill out import forms.

Themusicboxman hopes that if you are looking for an item you will include are For Sale listings. Thank you.

On another subject, recently we have seen bubbles of interest out of Russia and Brazil. We take it that our site has been mentioned in some way, may be by clubs interested in music boxes. Welcome!

To all, we appreciate your interest in our virtual museum, that as far as we know, is rather unique in the world, because of the many ways it shows music boxes were commercially sold in the period we cover, 1945 to 1990.

With our best regards,