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After a long period of inactivity welcome to all readers.

All TUNE LISTS have been updated by March, 2024

Themusicboxman has decided that further extension of the Collection does not really add more to the knowledge of the market for music boxes and musical toys in the period 1945-1990 than the present one already does. Except some additions that really are of interest, now rare, further additions are not contemplated. The Collections with over 6000 items are more or less the final form.

Also, musical toys in this form of keyed music mechanisms, were already starting to disappear from the market in the seventies (replaced by battery ones), now almost 50 years ago. And the main market for music boxes was in the eighties, now almost 40 years ago. The generation that bought these boxes and toys is dying out and less items are becoming available.

Also, general interest in these music boxes is becoming less. We can see that in lesser interest for our web site.

Although there is still worldwide interest, in March so far 27 countries, even from unexpected countries, interest in English speaking countries is diminishing.

This makes our Collections even more exceptional.

In time nobody will be able to collect this number of items in that range of sub-collections that was always our idea of collecting a broad range of boxes and toys that represent the many ways these were produced in that period we cover.

To contact us please email to:


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BLOG February/March 2019

Dear Readers,

Up till now it was possible to see in Music Boxes For Sale and Musical Toys For Sale all items listed over time, including the Sold items. The idea was that it gave readers looking for an item to buy an idea what was out there and what had been acquired by others.

But slowly the system becomes unworkable by the sheer amount of items sold and in popular categories as Animals Other (than Birds/Bird Cages) it is by now difficult to see what is still available and what has been sold, leading to errors.

Therefore over the next few days I will move the sold (and lost) items out of the Sale collections and maintain them as a database for myself, but will not publish them. That will unclutter the For Sale line-up and hopefully makes it easier for readers, looking for an item or items of interest, to check the listings.

As always we maintain a low price level for all items for sale, compared to prices you may find an eBay or Etsy. In general prices for boxes that have there labels (even if partly) are higher than for unlabelled boxes, as they will be original and give you a better idea of origin, often tunes and quality. Boxes identified as Otagiri, Schmid, Mann, Gorham, Lefton, Berman & Anderson, ANRI will always fetch a small premium because of their much better than average quality, while Price, Anart, Artmark and others generally are of good quality also. We only ship via USPO and payment is via PayPal only.

As we keep our prices low we charge a quite small packaging charge to cover cardboard box and material to protect the item(s) during shipping. The final price is selling price of the item + shipping charges + packaging cost. To get a quote for an all-inclusive price, please email your ZIP code (or whatever it is named in Canada) together with the items you are interested in. Because of shipping charges we mainly ship to continental U.S.A. and Canada, Only if you are interested in 5/6 items or more, would it be worthwhile to check all- in prices to other countries. For Canada and other countries we need to fill out import forms.

Themusicboxman hopes that if you are looking for an item you will include are For Sale listings. Thank you.

On another subject, recently we have seen bubbles of interest out of Russia and Brazil. We take it that our site has been mentioned in some way, may be by clubs interested in music boxes. Welcome!

To all, we appreciate your interest in our virtual museum, that as far as we know, is rather unique in the world, because of the many ways it shows music boxes were commercially sold in the period we cover, 1945 to 1990.

With our best regards,



Themusicboxman has to apologize to you for a prolonged  absence in this space, due to health reasons, but is fully back in business again, thank you.

First I would like to draw your attention to the music boxes and musical toys we have for sale, over 400 all together of which over 60 are toys. These are double  boxes and toys that are in My Collection and are offered for sale at really modest prices. Despite the above health reasons I have been able to ship  music boxes over the last few months. The quality of the boxes and toys are described in the site and I try to offer only good or excellent items. Before shipping I check whether the quality is as described and the music working. Please check it out yourself. Because of shipping charges the delivery is effectively limited to the U.S.A. and Canada.

The largest market for music boxes in quantity in the US was in the eighties. That is on average over 30 years ago. It is my feeling, I cannot corroborate it with figures, that the supply from that period is drying up a bit. Some boxes that were sold in quantity are still turning up, as for instance offered for sale on Etsy and eBay, but it is getting more difficult to find items that were of less interest in that period. It has not had a great effect on prices yet, but for some quality boxes as by Otagiri, Jozef or Schmid and some series as Beatrix Potter there is an upward tendency. As you know from the nineties the market switched to China and that is outside the interest for this Collection.

Finally, we still see visitors to our website from a lot of different countries, over a 100 countries in a year, even from war torn countries as Iraq. Also we see from time to time a bubble of interest in some countries, as, I assume, there has been a publication about the site one way or the other; this happened over the last few months with Russia, France and Brazil, at different times. A great welcome to all and thank you for your interest.



To all our readers and visitors to this site Best Wishes for a Good, Healthy and Happy 2018.

As usual we start the year by looking back on 2017.

The site was unavailable for 3 days in 2017, as a party that delivered content protection and was discontinued actually altered the site destination numbers, the day their contract ran out , making it impossible to find the site. This information comes from the provider and they changed it back.

With our apologies. The internet is full of really bad people and one cannot be careful enough. Keep your protection up-to-date and back up files regularly.

Nevertheless we had a record number of visitors, in the full year over 21,200, mostly new but also approx. 12% of repeat visitors. Thank you for visiting the site, your always positive comments on the site, much appreciated.

By countries most of the visitors by far, almost 70%, come from the U.S.A. And thereafter mostly from English speaking countries.

UK is second with almost 9%, Canada third with almost 5%, Australia 4th with almost 4% and Singapore 5th with almost 5%.

The first non English speaking country is The Netherlands in 6th place.

The top 10 is rounded out by The Philippines, India, Malaysia (2 more English speaking countries) and France in 10th place.

In total we had visitors from 133 countries, including some worn-torn countries like Syria. And countries as diverse as Uzbekistan, Maldives, Oman and Kazachstan. Interest in music boxes and musical toys is really worldwide. All of you are welcome and we appreciate your interest in this, as we like to call it, Virtual Museum.

And we do sell some Music Boxes and Musical Toys, check our Sales section, Music Boxes with a number starting with D and Musical Toys starting with E, over 300 and 60 for each. Send us an email and we get back to you within 24 hours.