To all our readers and visitors to this site Best Wishes for a Good, Healthy and Happy 2018.

As usual we start the year by looking back on 2017.

The site was unavailable for 3 days in 2017, as a party that delivered content protection and was discontinued actually altered the site destination numbers, the day their contract ran out , making it impossible to find the site. This information comes from the provider and they changed it back.

With our apologies. The internet is full of really bad people and one cannot be careful enough. Keep your protection up-to-date and back up files regularly.

Nevertheless we had a record number of visitors, in the full year over 21,200, mostly new but also approx. 12% of repeat visitors. Thank you for visiting the site, your always positive comments on the site, much appreciated.

By countries most of the visitors by far, almost 70%, come from the U.S.A. And thereafter mostly from English speaking countries.

UK is second with almost 9%, Canada third with almost 5%, Australia 4th with almost 4% and Singapore 5th with almost 5%.

The first non English speaking country is The Netherlands in 6th place.

The top 10 is rounded out by The Philippines, India, Malaysia (2 more English speaking countries) and France in 10th place.

In total we had visitors from 133 countries, including some worn-torn countries like Syria. And countries as diverse as Uzbekistan, Maldives, Oman and Kazachstan. Interest in music boxes and musical toys is really worldwide. All of you are welcome and we appreciate your interest in this, as we like to call it, Virtual Museum.

And we do sell some Music Boxes and Musical Toys, check our Sales section, Music Boxes with a number starting with D and Musical Toys starting with E, over 300 and 60 for each. Send us an email and we get back to you within 24 hours.