Greetings to all our readers from all over the world.

We have visitors to our site of well over 100 countries in all continents, including peaceful and war torn countries.

We really appreciate your attention and thank you for your interest.

The composition of our sub-collections is ever changing.

If we feel that there are enough items to warrant a sub-collection we will do so, as our visitors may be finding items of interest easier that way. Preferably we like to have a minimum of 5 music boxes/ musical toys per sub-collection, but sometimes go as low as 3, the absolute minimum, if we feel that it makes it easier to find a subject.

We have recently added the following (new) sub-collections:

  • Otagiri Birds 206 (16x). This has come together from the many birds
  • sub collections we have. Otagiri, long gone since the eighties, is still
  • admired for the outstanding quality of the music boxes, exclusively
  • from Japan (that is till the ill-fated takeover by Enesco ) and is still
  • very collectable.

Hippopotamuses 207 (3x). Animals are always popular and the more specific we can be, the better for you.

Elvis Presley Musicals (5x). Still a very popular figure.

Weather Homes Musical (6x). After a new purchase it turned out that there were more weather homes tucked in sub-collections as Swiss Chalets and Wooden Musicals. Now all in one place.

Earlier we made new sub-collections for Door Chimes 203 (3x), Gorham Unieboek Gnomes (4x), from The Netherlands and Fragrance Related Musicals (8x).

Also, we took out all the Sold items from our For Sale collections.

The original idea to keep them in, was to give you an idea what was selling. But there were too many now and it made checking out the For Sale items too complicated.. What you now see in For Sale Collections is indeed for sale.

The form of the Collection therefore is always a work in progress.

Best wishes to all,