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All TUNE LISTS have been updated by March, 2024

Themusicboxman has decided that further extension of the Collection does not really add more to the knowledge of the market for music boxes and musical toys in the period 1945-1990 than the present one already does. Except some additions that really are of interest, now rare, further additions are not contemplated. The Collections with over 6000 items are more or less the final form.

Also, musical toys in this form of keyed music mechanisms, were already starting to disappear from the market in the seventies (replaced by battery ones), now almost 50 years ago. And the main market for music boxes was in the eighties, now almost 40 years ago. The generation that bought these boxes and toys is dying out and less items are becoming available.

Also, general interest in these music boxes is becoming less. We can see that in lesser interest for our web site.

Although there is still worldwide interest, in March so far 27 countries, even from unexpected countries, interest in English speaking countries is diminishing.

This makes our Collections even more exceptional.

In time nobody will be able to collect this number of items in that range of sub-collections that was always our idea of collecting a broad range of boxes and toys that represent the many ways these were produced in that period we cover.

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