All Items for Sale are described as to the condition they are in, photos are added to enable a visual inspection and a sales price before shipping/insurance charges is indicated. All sales are from the Tampa Bay area, FL, ZIP code 33710.

For all Items for Sale, the music mechanism will work, though the speed, due to aging, may vary from case to case. Where possible the music mechanism has been treated and tested, but not all are accessible without damaging the integrity of the object and in such a case we prefer not too tinker too much. Sometimes the music mechanism is frozen at a certain point and application of Alum-a-Lub with some vigorous shaking might help to get it started. All music mechanisms worked guaranteed before shipping and if it works slowly, it will be indicated.

In order to arrive at the total sales price with shipping- and if so desired, insurance- charges and a packaging fee need to be added. Shipping in the Continental USA and Canada will be by US Postal service. If not otherwise indicated, shipment will be by the lowest price method and may take 5-10 days to receive from date of shipping. If you want another way of shipping, for instance ‘priority’, please indicate so at the time of ordering and shipping charges will be higher.

Customers from outside the Continental USA and Canada need to indicate their preferred method of shipping when ordering. We will quote you on the cost and by paying the total price you accept implicitly the shipping price quoted.

We are adding a packaging charge for each object shipped, generally in the $0.50 to $ 1.50 range, depending on the weight, size and fragility of the object.

Therefore do NOT pay us at the time of ordering (but indicate a different shipping way if so desired) and await our email giving the total cost in USD $ including shipping and if requested insurance charges and the packaging fee. Payment in US dollars only. All contacts by email only (see Contact Us) and we will endeavor to reply within 48contactus.html hours.


Accepted mode of payment is PayPal.  No personal checks, please. We will endeavor to ship within 3 days from receipt of payment of the total of the charges indicated.


Should you feel after receipt of the item that the object or the condition of the object is not as described, and please let us know what you feel the problem is for us to learn from, we would prefer to take the object back. However, such a request need to be made within 7 days from receipt of the parcel by you, as per the information on file with the shipping company. The generally accepted method of doing so, which we will follow here, is that you ship the object back to us at your cost for shipping (and insurance if so desired) and after receipt by us we will credit you for the cost of the object itself and packing fee (taking it will be shipped back in the same packaging as it was sent in). NO compensation will be paid for the shipping or insurance charges from us to you, as these are out-of-pocket costs for us and lost. We will send the credit to you by PayPal within 7 days after receipt of the return of the object by us.

In case the object arrives damaged at your side when shipped from us to you, please make a note to that effect on the receipt/paperwork of the carrier delivering the product (when you receive the package shake it gently to hear any rattling noise, which may be suspect).Please inform us within 3 days of receipt of the package with relevant information to enable us to put a claim in with the carrier. A photo of the contents on arrival and the state of the packaging would be very useful. You will be compensated by us for the total cost, but we may need some time to be able to communicate with the original carrier.

If a product is returned to us and arrives damaged or in a condition worse than it was when we sent it, NO COMPENSATION will be paid, but we will inform you within 3 days of arrival by email of our decision and will include a photo if necessary. Sometimes people like to tinker with an object received, but any consequences of the tinkering will be for the tinkerer, not for us. For example, we do check every item that will be shipped to confirm that the music mechanism works and if it does not work after return, we have to assume that it was tinkered with.

We repeat again, we are a collector trying to provide a service, not a professional vendor. As such we would like to treat you as we would like to be treated ourselves, in an atmosphere of trust and responsibility.

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